Tuesday, May 25

top five tuesday: farewell to lost

sunday, i said goodbye to lost.  i feel so connected to this tv show for some reason.  i don't remember feeling so uneasy about the end of friends or sex and the city.  either way, the finale was awesome and i felt at peace when it finally ended.  however, i don't know when i'll be deleting it from my DVR.  so, here's some of my favorite things about lost.

1.  vincent.  oh, vincent.  i loved that he showed up in the finale.  i hadn't forgotten about him or anything, but i remember a time when everyone thought that he was the smoke monster.  either way, i love vincent and that he was a part of the finale.

2.  charlie.  three words:  not penny's boat.  i was SOOOOOO sad when charlie died several seasons back, and the way he died was so poetic and tragic.  i loved charlie--he had such a special place on the show.

3.  characters that were dead, but resurfaced in the finale:  BOONE!!!!!!  i haven't seen you (except on vampire diaries commercials) in so long!  it was awesome that both he and shannon both returned in the finale.  charlie and daniel faraday also returned!  love it!

4.  the island.  the island itself was a character.  it was such a beautiful place (it looks like it on TV at least!) and the landscape was such an important part in the foundation of the storyline.  apparently, all but 4 places (and there were tons of different 'locations') were shot in hawaii.

5.  flash whatevers.  i HATED the time travel......every 3 seconds the island jumped in time.  i was glad when locke figured out how to make it stop!  but, the flashbacks were awesome, because we were able to see what the stories of the characters were.  i also liked the flash sideways because we were able to see what it would be like if the plane never crashed...and although some characters seemed happier, they were all still flawed in some way.  i'm glad we finally got some closure on what it all means though!

although it's all over, and i don't know what i'll have to watch that keeps my interest like L O S T has, i feel at peace with the way that the producers and writers have rounded out the series.

Saturday, May 22

random thoughts (on a saturday this time, though)

although i found time to write on tuesday, i haven't sat down at the computer since, really.  i'm several days behind on facebook and my blog stalking reading.  today i was able to get caught up though.  lots of random stuff, though....so here goes.

*the husband has several athletes attending states this coming weekend.  i couldn't be more proud of his.  this is his first year as head coach for the track team.....he's done a great job!

*tooth numero quattro is coming in.  let the fussiness continue.  i'm also saddened to think that every picture i EVER take of matthew from here on out with always be a toothy grin.  although i've taken like, 500 pics of him, i feel like i don't have enough without teeth.  too late, i guess!

*summer is fast approaching.  i can't wait to be at the beach with my family.  matthew has his first dose of sand yesterday.  he DID not eat it, which was nice.  however, he did throw it.  this does not bode well for an entire coastline of SAND....considering we were only in a little turtle sandbox.  

*i'm so excited for sex and the city 2 to come out.  i just love that show and have high expectations for the movie......i can't get enough of those girls.  and this time, they ride camels.  nothing says awesome like manolos and camels!

*update:  i have not found any new sandals for this summer.  am getting desperate.  send links to awesomely cute sandals, please.  i beg of you.

*jersey shore 2 starts in a few weeks.  thank god......i am sort of getting panicky, now that LOST is almost over.  what am i going to do for summers shows, i was wondering?  and now......of course.....jersey shore.  jersey shore will always have a place in my heart b/c the husband was watching the "pilot" episode when i was in the agonies of labor.  needless to say, i was able to understand the plot line even though i was having horrible back labor.

*speaking of LOST.  i'm freaking out.  and i'm also mentally preparing myself to be disappointed.  we'll see what happens.  desmond, don't let me down.

*i worry that matthew is getting to much roughage from the amount of time he spends chomping on his toes.  they are very linty.....these toes of his.  

well, i will continue to have lots of randomness floating around, but until the next time i am rushing by the computer, i'll keep them to myself! 

Tuesday, May 18

top five tuesday: a few of my favorite things

normally on tuesdays, i have some sort of idea of what i want to write about for my list-o-mania.  today though, i woke up sort of uninspired.  and i haven't written in a bit, because i've been super busy....and away from home....well, at least the computer, a lot.

so, i've decided to just compile a quickie for today.  5 of my favorite things.....not favorite things to do, see or eat.  just my actual favorite things.  here goes nothing.

1. jammy pants.  i love, love being comfortable in my house! i cannot abide by sitting around in jeans or work pants after i've come home.  so whether it's the fleece, flannel or cotton variety, sign me up.

2.  beautiful shoes.  i love a shoe with a high heel and a peep toe.  but typically, shoes with a high heel and a peep toe are NOT comfortable.  and these days, with a baby in tow, i can't teeter around on sky high shoes.  so, i'm always on the lookout for cute flats.  something in pink, maybe with a peep toe.

3.  new books.  i love the smell and the pristine cover.  i love covers that have different, raised font and the size of the book is important to me as well.  the 5.99ers are to small and squat for me.  and although they're more money, i'll always buy the same title in a thinner, bigger book.  i know that this means i'll have to hold the book with two hands at the beach, but i don't care.  i also cannot abide by loaning out my books to people who do not care for my books in the same way i do.  i DO NOT break the spine, nor do i fold pages back.  i DO NOT dog ear the pages.  how hard is it to find a little scrap of paper to mark your place?  ugh.  books have feelings too, people!

4.  chapstick.  the relationship i have with chapstick is a rocky road.  i buy, buy, buy, but never make any real commitments.  it's a shame really, how many chapsticks i've abandoned to the winter coat pocket, the out of season purse, or the car compartment-thingy.  i love opening the chapstick for the first time, rolling it up and putting it on.  i just can't keep it around long enough for the long haul.  i'm a chapstick commitment-phobe.

5.  my macbook.  even though it's getting up there in age, i love it sooooo much still.  it has served me well these past few years--from categorizing my photos, to helping me create awesome movies and of course to surf the internet wirelessly.  although sometimes we disagree about whether it is actually "connected" to the internet, i will continue to give it the love and affection is deserves.  my PC has nothing on my mac.

Saturday, May 8

happiness times eleventy billion

this sunday, not only will my son be baptized, but i will be celebrating my first mother's day.  now, this time last year, the husband did make a big deal, and he even got me a gift!  but, this time last year, the monkey man looked like this:

and really, matthew (not the awesome DS that the husband got me) was the best present of all.  this year, though, i'm so thrilled to be spending the day with my family, and most of all, matthew.  it's hard for me to think back to a year ago.  i mean, he was a little alien baby, and now he's this little person:  


*actually taken in february. his cheeks are MUCH smooshier now.  and yes, i'm pretty sure smooshier is a word.

a year ago i was hardly into my second trimester, and now i'm worrying about whether he'll like fruits or vegetables better.  a year ago i wasn't able to consume chinese food or kashi cereal and now i'm delighting in matthew's two front teeth and his ability to sort of roll over.  although, with the whole rolling over thing, i like it when toby does that too! 

my life has changed incredibly in the last year, going from non-prego person...

to prego person... 

to lady with a baby.......

*please note that he is soooooooo teeny he is here.  8 days old.

but it has only changed for the better.  i'm in a wonderful place in my life, with the husband and the cutest baby beside me.  although i worry everyday about being a great mom, and most of the day i spending doubting my abilities, and that i'm wrecking him in some way (i am only sort of joking when i say we're saving for his therapy, not college), i'm so happy to be the mother i am, because matthew has made me the mother i am.  i know i'll continue to grow and change in my relationship with both the husband and matthew, i'm so excited for what lies ahead.  i really understand what family means, and i have matthew to thank for that.  and i'm finally happy.  times eleventy billion.

Thursday, May 6

random thoughts thursday

*my cricut cake has been a huge hassle this week.  i'm working on cupcakes from my friend ashley, and the cricut cake is not behaving.  ugh.  i know i just need to continue to fiddle with it, but between matthew's baptism, the husband's track schedule and a general lack of time, i'm too busy to spend any quality time with it.

*i just watched burn after reading by the coen brothers.  it was JUST as awesome as when i saw it the first time.  this was also the first movie my friend jshay recommended that DIDN'T make me want to punch him in the ear.  he recommended "no country for old men," and i almost ended our friendship.

*i did the final headcount for matthew's baptism, which is this sunday.  it is 47.  holy crapola.  and that is without my/the husband's work people and other friends--just family.  i guess i better get crackin' on that potato salad NOW.

*i realized tuesday night that i messed up my top five tuesday post this week.  apparently, rather than hitting save, i hit "post."  not happy about this, b/c i didn't give an introduction and a closing, not to mention a #5.  the language arts teacher in me is not happy.

*i forgot to send in the census info.  oooooooops.  i'm sure it's somewhere in our ginormous stack of mail.  so you know what happened?  the census taker came by the house....just as the commercial promised.  nope, i'm not harboring an "illegals" here, census lady.  unless you count the dogs.  no, seriously, she used that word....it felt very NOT pc. and i stubbed my pinky toe on the way to the door, and it's all black and blue.  

*there has been a recall on infant and children's tylenol.  which as been awesome, because matthew is in the midst of his two top teeth coming in.  let me tell you, two teeth coming in without any pain reliever for the little one has been in a word:  AWESOME.  yeah, notsomuch.  darn you tylenol company.

*i already have two bug bites.  and i was outside for like 4 minutes yesterday.  boo

*i didn't have creamer for my coffee yesterday.  so i didn't have my coffee.  and i almost died.

*matthew's swim "lessons" have been cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  i was so disappointed, the husband considered just paying more so they would hold the class.  it was such a cute gesture, but i told him we'd just look elsewhere!

*matthew loves the dogs so much now.  he gets so frustrated when they don't come over to him, especially when he is playing on the floor.  i want to tell him to get used to it, b/c they do the same thing to me....and i CAN talk.