Tuesday, May 25

top five tuesday: farewell to lost

sunday, i said goodbye to lost.  i feel so connected to this tv show for some reason.  i don't remember feeling so uneasy about the end of friends or sex and the city.  either way, the finale was awesome and i felt at peace when it finally ended.  however, i don't know when i'll be deleting it from my DVR.  so, here's some of my favorite things about lost.

1.  vincent.  oh, vincent.  i loved that he showed up in the finale.  i hadn't forgotten about him or anything, but i remember a time when everyone thought that he was the smoke monster.  either way, i love vincent and that he was a part of the finale.

2.  charlie.  three words:  not penny's boat.  i was SOOOOOO sad when charlie died several seasons back, and the way he died was so poetic and tragic.  i loved charlie--he had such a special place on the show.

3.  characters that were dead, but resurfaced in the finale:  BOONE!!!!!!  i haven't seen you (except on vampire diaries commercials) in so long!  it was awesome that both he and shannon both returned in the finale.  charlie and daniel faraday also returned!  love it!

4.  the island.  the island itself was a character.  it was such a beautiful place (it looks like it on TV at least!) and the landscape was such an important part in the foundation of the storyline.  apparently, all but 4 places (and there were tons of different 'locations') were shot in hawaii.

5.  flash whatevers.  i HATED the time travel......every 3 seconds the island jumped in time.  i was glad when locke figured out how to make it stop!  but, the flashbacks were awesome, because we were able to see what the stories of the characters were.  i also liked the flash sideways because we were able to see what it would be like if the plane never crashed...and although some characters seemed happier, they were all still flawed in some way.  i'm glad we finally got some closure on what it all means though!

although it's all over, and i don't know what i'll have to watch that keeps my interest like L O S T has, i feel at peace with the way that the producers and writers have rounded out the series.

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