the monkey man

matthew joined the world on 12.4.09.  he weighed 7lb, 10 oz, and joined our family at 11:34, after 18 hours of labor (for the first few of which, i wasn't sure i WAS in labor!).

matthew is the light of my life, and although it sounds like a cliche, he is the reason that i get out of bed in the morning.  he is the cutest baby i have ever seen....he has the cutest, pudgiest cheeks and teeny baby toes that i love to kiss.

although matthew has completely changed my life, and sometimes my life is very hard...being a mom is the best thing, seriously.  the first time he laughed, i cried.  i realized that he would never laugh for the first time ever again......but i have so many firsts.  everyday i say to him.....stop growing.  seriously....stop.

the husband (also known as the daddy) is over the moon in love with his son.  i love it when i catch them in a "stolen moment," where they don't know i'm around.  

matthew will continue to grow and change, as will our family.  i cannot wait to see what the future holds for my little one, affectionately known as "the monkey man."