Saturday, May 22

random thoughts (on a saturday this time, though)

although i found time to write on tuesday, i haven't sat down at the computer since, really.  i'm several days behind on facebook and my blog stalking reading.  today i was able to get caught up though.  lots of random stuff, here goes.

*the husband has several athletes attending states this coming weekend.  i couldn't be more proud of his.  this is his first year as head coach for the track team.....he's done a great job!

*tooth numero quattro is coming in.  let the fussiness continue.  i'm also saddened to think that every picture i EVER take of matthew from here on out with always be a toothy grin.  although i've taken like, 500 pics of him, i feel like i don't have enough without teeth.  too late, i guess!

*summer is fast approaching.  i can't wait to be at the beach with my family.  matthew has his first dose of sand yesterday.  he DID not eat it, which was nice.  however, he did throw it.  this does not bode well for an entire coastline of SAND....considering we were only in a little turtle sandbox.  

*i'm so excited for sex and the city 2 to come out.  i just love that show and have high expectations for the movie......i can't get enough of those girls.  and this time, they ride camels.  nothing says awesome like manolos and camels!

*update:  i have not found any new sandals for this summer.  am getting desperate.  send links to awesomely cute sandals, please.  i beg of you.

*jersey shore 2 starts in a few weeks.  thank god......i am sort of getting panicky, now that LOST is almost over.  what am i going to do for summers shows, i was wondering?  and now......of course.....jersey shore.  jersey shore will always have a place in my heart b/c the husband was watching the "pilot" episode when i was in the agonies of labor.  needless to say, i was able to understand the plot line even though i was having horrible back labor.

*speaking of LOST.  i'm freaking out.  and i'm also mentally preparing myself to be disappointed.  we'll see what happens.  desmond, don't let me down.

*i worry that matthew is getting to much roughage from the amount of time he spends chomping on his toes.  they are very linty.....these toes of his.  

well, i will continue to have lots of randomness floating around, but until the next time i am rushing by the computer, i'll keep them to myself! 

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