Tuesday, May 18

top five tuesday: a few of my favorite things

normally on tuesdays, i have some sort of idea of what i want to write about for my list-o-mania.  today though, i woke up sort of uninspired.  and i haven't written in a bit, because i've been super busy....and away from home....well, at least the computer, a lot.

so, i've decided to just compile a quickie for today.  5 of my favorite things.....not favorite things to do, see or eat.  just my actual favorite things.  here goes nothing.

1. jammy pants.  i love, love being comfortable in my house! i cannot abide by sitting around in jeans or work pants after i've come home.  so whether it's the fleece, flannel or cotton variety, sign me up.

2.  beautiful shoes.  i love a shoe with a high heel and a peep toe.  but typically, shoes with a high heel and a peep toe are NOT comfortable.  and these days, with a baby in tow, i can't teeter around on sky high shoes.  so, i'm always on the lookout for cute flats.  something in pink, maybe with a peep toe.

3.  new books.  i love the smell and the pristine cover.  i love covers that have different, raised font and the size of the book is important to me as well.  the 5.99ers are to small and squat for me.  and although they're more money, i'll always buy the same title in a thinner, bigger book.  i know that this means i'll have to hold the book with two hands at the beach, but i don't care.  i also cannot abide by loaning out my books to people who do not care for my books in the same way i do.  i DO NOT break the spine, nor do i fold pages back.  i DO NOT dog ear the pages.  how hard is it to find a little scrap of paper to mark your place?  ugh.  books have feelings too, people!

4.  chapstick.  the relationship i have with chapstick is a rocky road.  i buy, buy, buy, but never make any real commitments.  it's a shame really, how many chapsticks i've abandoned to the winter coat pocket, the out of season purse, or the car compartment-thingy.  i love opening the chapstick for the first time, rolling it up and putting it on.  i just can't keep it around long enough for the long haul.  i'm a chapstick commitment-phobe.

5.  my macbook.  even though it's getting up there in age, i love it sooooo much still.  it has served me well these past few years--from categorizing my photos, to helping me create awesome movies and of course to surf the internet wirelessly.  although sometimes we disagree about whether it is actually "connected" to the internet, i will continue to give it the love and affection is deserves.  my PC has nothing on my mac.

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