Thursday, May 6

random thoughts thursday

*my cricut cake has been a huge hassle this week.  i'm working on cupcakes from my friend ashley, and the cricut cake is not behaving.  ugh.  i know i just need to continue to fiddle with it, but between matthew's baptism, the husband's track schedule and a general lack of time, i'm too busy to spend any quality time with it.

*i just watched burn after reading by the coen brothers.  it was JUST as awesome as when i saw it the first time.  this was also the first movie my friend jshay recommended that DIDN'T make me want to punch him in the ear.  he recommended "no country for old men," and i almost ended our friendship.

*i did the final headcount for matthew's baptism, which is this sunday.  it is 47.  holy crapola.  and that is without my/the husband's work people and other friends--just family.  i guess i better get crackin' on that potato salad NOW.

*i realized tuesday night that i messed up my top five tuesday post this week.  apparently, rather than hitting save, i hit "post."  not happy about this, b/c i didn't give an introduction and a closing, not to mention a #5.  the language arts teacher in me is not happy.

*i forgot to send in the census info.  oooooooops.  i'm sure it's somewhere in our ginormous stack of mail.  so you know what happened?  the census taker came by the house....just as the commercial promised.  nope, i'm not harboring an "illegals" here, census lady.  unless you count the dogs.  no, seriously, she used that felt very NOT pc. and i stubbed my pinky toe on the way to the door, and it's all black and blue.  

*there has been a recall on infant and children's tylenol.  which as been awesome, because matthew is in the midst of his two top teeth coming in.  let me tell you, two teeth coming in without any pain reliever for the little one has been in a word:  AWESOME.  yeah, notsomuch.  darn you tylenol company.

*i already have two bug bites.  and i was outside for like 4 minutes yesterday.  boo

*i didn't have creamer for my coffee yesterday.  so i didn't have my coffee.  and i almost died.

*matthew's swim "lessons" have been cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  i was so disappointed, the husband considered just paying more so they would hold the class.  it was such a cute gesture, but i told him we'd just look elsewhere!

*matthew loves the dogs so much now.  he gets so frustrated when they don't come over to him, especially when he is playing on the floor.  i want to tell him to get used to it, b/c they do the same thing to me....and i CAN talk.

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