Tuesday, May 4

top five tuesday: candy bars that rock

1. twix.  my all time favorite candy.  like, ever.  chocolate, cookie, and delicious caramel.  the only downside....only two to a package.  i especially love the little teeny ones that are around during halloween and christmas.

2.  butterfinger.  crispety, crunchety and peanut buttery.  although i don't really love the whole bart simpson angle, these are awesome.

3.  milky way.   mmmmmmmmm...nougat.  what is nougat?  i don't even care what it is, but it's good.  i love the little nuggets at christmas time.  perfect portion.....that's why i have to eat them by the handful.

4.  take five.  oh sweet lord, i love this candy bar.  chocolate, yes.  peanuts........oh yes.  caramel, peanut butter and pretzels......YES!!!!!  my only question is...how do they keep the

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