Monday, May 3

bachelorette party (round one!)

whoot.  mama had a night out with just the girls....and it was all to celebrate one of my good friend's last nights out.  jen and i have been friends since the beginning of high, rather than do the math, just let it go at "a long time."  i'm beyond thrilled for her and her future husband, matt.....they love each other so much, and you can just tell by looking at them that they have found their true love.

we celebrate jen's last night out as a single gal by surprising her at a dueling piano bar, howl at the moon.  it is a chain, but the one we partied it up at was the one in baltimore. if you haven't been to a dueling piano bar....go.  right now...seriously, it is SOOOOOOOOO much fun.   lynn, robin and i shared a hotel room at the radisson lord baltimore.  it was a nice hotel, but we had to search out an ice machine, as the one on our floor, which conveniently was across the hall, but inconveniently OUT of ice.  i mean, the only thing that machine has to do is shoot out ice......bah.  either way, we followed some dude to floor 19 (his choice, not ours) in search of ice.  at floor 18, we found some.  yay!
*lynn is on the left and robin is on the right.

we relaxed at the hotel for a bit before eating dinner at an outdoor pub style restaurant called luckie's....which is located directly across from howl at the moon.  the best thing about luckie's was that they had macaroni and cheese as a side dish...which of course i ordered!  all the bars and restaurants gathered together are known as powerplant live.  it's pretty awesome!  jen and her bridesmaids showed up to the bar, where we already were waiting for her.  she was really surprised!!!

the night was filled with all sorts of fun. jen got up on stage and was serenaded by the two pianists.  she even got to sit on the piano.  she looked the part of a bachelorette, all decked out in her hot pink boa.

we all had delicious drinks (i had one drink called a pear-something or was yummy!).  at howl at the moon, they had the great idea to have "bucket" drinks, which is exactly what it sounds like....a huge bucket full of (insert favorite drink here) with bunch of straws jammed in.  not exactly sanitary, but both fun and delicious.
*jen, myself, lynn and meredith.

besides meredith (the pretty redhead on the right), jen's maids are her sister, liz, and her sister-in-law, kelly.  i haven't seen liz in a million years, and have only met kelly once or twice.  they were a lot of fun and were super nice. 
*liz on the left and kelly on the right.
**please note that the guy to the left of the girls is NOT in the wedding party!!

besides the piano players, other sometimes join in the fun.  the guitar player was amazing.  he was really rockin' out. 

the evening was relatively drama free, HOWEVER, there was a smidgen of drama.  some dude literally just fell in, like passed out standing up.  he really cracked his head on the floor, because no one caught him....he sat up and there was blood everywhere, and of course NURSE LYNN to the rescue.  it was like ER.  seriously, she helped him sit up and asked him if he was alright....and told the security that an ambulance should be called.  she was so cool, calm and was great to see her in action.  while i decided it best NOT to take a picture of the bloody-head guy....i did take a picture of the towel!  crazy!
*the bloody towel....sort of like the bloody glove?  is that reference too 90s of me?

overall, i think everyone had a great time--especially the bride to be.  i had a fabulous time, even though i was really worried about matthew and the husband.  OF COURSE because i was away, the little monkey slept through the night....but, i'm glad because the husband had a long day at a meet, so it was good they could both get plenty of rest.  i swear, though.....he grew in the 24 hours i was away! (matthew, not the husband!)

i can't wait for jen and matt's have more fun with all of the girls and celebrate both jen AND matt.  whoot!

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