Saturday, May 1

grab your ipod, we're goin' on a roadtrip!

yay!  i'm so excited (and freaked out) about today/tonight.  i'm excited because i'm spending the day and night with two of my favorite girls:  lynn, my bestie and her sister, robin (also.....they're my sister-in-laws, but the three of us are way closer than most in-laws).  i'm also freaked out because i'm spending the night with them, as in AWAY from MATTHEW for the first time.  the husband will be with him, so i'm not too worried, but what if he needs me?  i just keep telling myself "it will be ok," b/c i know it will be.

anyway....the drive to lynn's is kind of long, and i'm picking up robin, also....which isn't exactly on the way.  so, i've created a new playlist on my ipod.  now, a good (or bad) playlist can make (or break) the roadtrip.  i have to include the right amount of alternative (my fave), current hits (lynn's favorite) and classics (robin's fave).  i also have to throw in some kanye and old school faves...for car dancing purposes, of course.  i've included a few of the songs on the playlist, i'm leaving in a few hours, and i'm not quite done with it yet, so this is just a sample.  enjoy, and imagine yourself groovin' in the car with me for several hours to the sounds of:

animal by neon trees
viva la vida by coldplay
africa by toto
under pressure by david bowie/queen
haven't met you yet by michael buble
stronger by kanye west
everything is alright by motion city soundtrack
maggie may by rod stewart
when we were young by the killers
non-dairy creamer by third eye blind
pride by u2
one by u2
i've gotta feeling by black eyed peas
bohemian rhapsody by queen
if i had a million dollars by barenaked ladies
umbrella by rihanna
empire state of mind by jay-z/alicia keys
take me out by franz ferdinand

now, that's not all.....i have to figure out the rest, because the WORST thing that can happen on a roadtrip mix is that you have to hit play again......i need to gather the rest of my songs in order to have the perfect mix of awesome, fun and nostalgia.  look for me today on the highway...i'll be the one screaming at the tope of my lungs, telling everyone to make sure they "don't stop......BE-lievennnnnnnn"

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