Thursday, April 29

random thoughts on a typical thursday

*last night i discussed the newest episodes of the hills/the city with the husband.  he was less than thrilled, and it's weird that i can talk about their lives like i know them.  seriously, i need to watch better programming.

*i bought four dresses for the different events (one baptism, one graduation party, 4 weddings, 3 showers, 3 bachelorettes, 2 rehearsal dinners) i'm going to.  i planned out already what i'm going to wear to each that no ONE person sees me in the same outfit.  i had to make up a flow-chart for this.  i'm NOT kidding.

*it has been unseasonably cold.  yick.  where did the warm weather go?

*the cricut cake has been harder to use then i thought it would.  i've been working hard at getting the gumpaste JUST the right thickness for optimal cutting!  i'll post pics of cupcakes/cakes soon!

*i love how drama involving me can occur even without me being within 35 miles of where the drama is happening!

*i am currently watching the movie post grad.  i figured the husband wouldn't want to watch it.  mainly because it has the chick from the gilmore girls (the daughter) and looks not that great.  so, i'm watching it while at work.  something of interest to note (to me at least)...the character's younger brother gets admonished by his mom for licking kids' heads at school.  this is the same child actor who was on private practice last week and had pika.  a disease where kids or adults eat anything and everything, like dirt and paint.  niche actor, no?

*i can't wait to go to the beach this summer.  while matthew has 4 bathing suits, i have none.  not that i'm  looking forward to purchasing those.  ugh.  but i AM looking forward to actually going.

*speaking of matthew's swim suits.....i signed him up for baby swim classes!  i cannot starts in two weeks!

*my dvr only taped half of america's next top model.  i am upset about this for two reasons...i had to find out when that specific episode is going to be on again AND i have to wait to watch it.  instant gratification is what i need.

*toby keeps eating grass and then barfing.  he has apparently learned to go barf in private though, because he now does so in the privacy of the dog hut...aka...the laundry room.  although this pleases me (since he no longer barfs on the carpet), i would really just prefer that he didn't eat grass and then barf!!!

that's about all for now.  i'm sure i'll think of more, but i'll regale you with those next week.

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