Wednesday, April 28

if a picture says a thousands better get a calculator!

this last week was busy, especially with the husband having three track meets, and me out of town for a day.  rather than recap every important and awesome detail, i'm just going to provide you with pictures.  granted, a lot of them are of matthew, but hey....he's mine, and i'll photograph him a billion times a day if i want.  enjoy!

last wednesday:

*picture of matthew dressed like a little man.  sweater and dress pants....check and check.

*matthew lovin' life in his exersaucer.  

*the wuggles sacked out on the blanket on the floor.  they were like that for quite a while.  they have a hard life.

*apparently, the husband must dress like a ninja to feed matthew.  either way, it was cute, so i took it.  matthew LOVES oatmeal, by the way.

*lynn trying on a shirt at White House, Black Market.  please note robin in the background grimacing.  i wonder if she is mad i'm not taking a picture of her?  perhaps she does not enjoy her sister "shakin' her groove thing" in a store?

*picture of a hole in a wall in a dressing room.  reminiscent of a truck stop bathroom, no?  the sales clerk gave me a weird look for taking a picture of this, but i thought it was hilarious!

*matthew figured out that he could put his foot in his mouth.  and it was delicious....or so he said.

*picture of dinner from last night.  recipe taken from the pioneer woman.  i added crab on my own.  go here for the recipe!

so there you go, my week in pictures.  i really should take more of myself.

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  1. 1: So Matthew is not like his Mom since he loves Oatmeal:)
    2: How was dinner last night, it looks delicious!