Tuesday, April 27

top five tuesday: things that were important in HS, and still are today

one of my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE blogs that i stalk is confessions of a young married couple.  the author recently wrote blog entries about her hometown and HS, which got me to thinking about MY high school experience.  there were sooooooooo many things i agonized over in HS...some important, some not so much.  even though my HS years are far behind me, some things that were important to me then are still important to me now.

1.  who you sit with at lunch.  this is very important--it could mean a great conversation, or listening to your coworkers complain about their wilted salad, horrible family and general crappy life ad nauseum.  BUT, if you choose your seat wisely, it could mean taste-testing different soda (invoking the pepsi challenge?!), laughing uncontrollably at jokes or being "that table."  either way....who you sat with in HS was important, and it is important now!!

2.  how you did in gym class.  i LOVED gym class, and although i'm no athlete, how you did in gym class mattered then and it matters now.  people judge you based on your physical prowess and whether you played a sport or not.  could you master serving the birdie during the badminton unit or did you sit out on the sidelines because once again you have "cramps."  this translates to "who wants to join my kickball league" or "YOU want to round out my golf foursome...uh, ok?" in adult life.  so, how did YOU do in gym class?

3.   your scores (SAT or otherwise). in high school, those three letters struck fear and anxiety in most of us.  however, those don't really matter anymore-it's all in the past.  however other scores still can cause great anxiety (think-credit, gpa, etc). i guess it's not really about the "score" per say, but more about who has the better one.

4.  your extracurriculars.  some were cooler than others....some meant you were college bound...some meant you were going to be in BIG trouble with your parents.  either way, every person, no matter how nerdy or dorky had SOME sort of extracurriculars.  the same goes for now.  some extracurriculars are more acceptable than others.  if you're a man's man, you probably play golf or maybe you're on a softball team.  keeping up your yard is another biggie (the husband is a fan of FOREVER mowing the grass!).  for the ladies, being a storyteller, whether through scrapbooking, blogging or photography, keeping track of events in your life is an important extracurricular.

5.  the company you keep.  even though we're older, we are still judged by the people that we hang out with.  while at this point, i don't particularly care what other's think......everyone wants to be liked.  luckily, i haven't changed who i hang out with very much...same bestie, same boyfriend.....well, husband.  either way, the saying that held true in high school, still holds true today:  "you are who you hang out with."

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