Thursday, April 22

random (purposeful) thoughts on a random (it comes every week) thursday

another episode of items roaming around aimlessly in my head.  enjoy.

-i tried to remember the phone number of my best friend from HS (not sure why.....remember, random, people, random).  i got all but the last two.  good thing i have her current number memorized.

-i've been watching sex and the city reruns on demand.  from season one.  wow.....i don't really like season one, after seeing the other seasons.  yet i still watch.  (no judgement, people.....i'm running out of things to watch, which is why i posted about dr. drew yesterday.)

-i'm very nervous about something coming up (more details to come later).  i shouldn't be nervous, but i'm all panicky.  do i have you interested?

-i've been going through old it.  i can pinpoint what year it was depending on the color and cut of my hair.

-does rihanna only repeat words to make the chorus in her songs?  i heard her song "rude boy" on the radio today...and it mainly consisted of her saying "rude," "boy," and "boom" over and over again.  not unlike her song "umbrella" where she makes the word umbrella have about 52 syllables.  makes me want to punch her in the ear....but, she's been through enough.

-the movie furry vengeance looks awful.  that is all i have to say about that.

what's roaming around in your head today?!

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