Monday, March 1

men v. women (part 1): the tv debate

i read somewhere that women are more closely related to female primates than the males, and vice versa.  and we wonder why we can't communicate.  the husband and i get along relatively well (read:  he puts up with my crap), but we do have our moments.  so, i got to thinking.

a fundamental difference can be found in tv watching habits.  i am happy to sit through hours of the same show without changing the channel ONCE.  i do not particularly mind commercials.  sure, they're kinda annoying, but not big deal....they're pretty short, and eventually my show will come back on, and i won't have missed a moment.  HOWEVER......the husband does NOT watch tv this way.  apparently, when a commercial comes on, that is time to watch another show, rather than watch a commercial.  flicking around until the show comes back on.  I DON'T GET IT.  sometimes part of the original show gets missed because of watching the second/third/fourth/hundredth show. sometimes he misses out on awesome new products (like the snuggie, for example!!).

i know that most of my female friends watch tv "my way," whereas most males i know watch tv the way the husband does.  neither is right/wrong.  i just don't understand.  and the husband does not understand how i can watch commercial after commercial.

so where does this leave us???????  i'm a big fan of agreeing to disagree, but are there two separate tvs in our future?  will it come to watching tv in different rooms like older people do (have they just given up?)  will we ever see eye-to-eye on this important life issue?

primates don't typically have TV in the jungle, so they don't have to worry about these kind of problems.    man, primates have all the luck.


  1. Seinfeld (who is pretty much an authority on everything) claimed this was because men hunt and women nest.

  2. Hahah! I watch it the same way as you do... just that when commercials come on it is time to do all the house work and then I end up watching the T.V from near my kitchen sink - doing dishes.

    Um, two TV DOES sound like a plan for you!

  3. We're exactly the opposite. I can't sit still during commercials and have to do SOMETHING. If I'm not flipping through channels I need to have a magazine or something to read. He on the other hands never changes during commercials and hates it when I do.