Tuesday, March 2

top five tuesday: things i love, but shouldn't

once i started thinking about today's top five, i sort of thought it lent itself to guilty pleasures.  BUT i think guilty pleasures are more of the cringe-worthy feeling you get when someone finds out you like/enjoy said guilty pleasure.  i don't necessarily cringe at loving these items, i just know that i shouldn't.  moderation is key with these items, but i just can't help being head over heels in love with them.....even if i shouldn't be.

1. soda.  OH HOW I LOVE YOU, soda.  you can quench my thirst while in the car, or while at home.  you have the ability to cure a monster hangover.....there is nothing quite like your bubbly self.  i know i haven't seen much of you lately, as i'm drinking more water....but i still feel your presence when i go through any fast-food drive thru.

2.  fast food.  fast food....you have caused me nothing but trouble, yet i come back to you time and time again.  you leave stains on my clothes, poundage on my hips and wrappers in my car.  you are bad news, yet i love you so.  i know that at each restaurant i have my favorites and that no matter which delicious option i choose, i will be satisfied.

3.  programming on mtv. dear mtv...please stop putting awful, awful tv shows on that i become obsessed with.  it makes me sound stupid to talk about love for the jersey shore and 16 and pregnant.  perhaps it is i that should just change the channel?

4.  swearing.  I LOVE IT.  and it's inappropriate.  i just can't help it.  that's why i have given it up for lent.  and it's hard to give up something you love so much.  hopefully the lord will appreciate this sacrifice!! :-)

5.  dressing like a bum.  i enjoy sweatpants....as soon as i get home, i take of my jeans (or other sort of pants) and put on comfy, cozy sweatpants (and no...not the tight leg-hole opening kind that the weird kid in middle school would wear).  ahhhhh, the feel of fleece and flannel is so freeing.  it's only a bad thing when i wear them when people are over!  oops!!!!

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  1. I am guilty of a few things too.

    Salty food! But not fast foods - healthy things like banana chips (Indian variety)

    Coffee! Gosh how I love it! It doesn't make me stay awake etc... I just like it coz I LOVE it!