Wednesday, March 3

a source of inspiration

i have recently started digital scrapbooking, and i really, really love it.  since i started, i've been working on several projects, including a book for a cruise i went on with the husband, my sister-in-law and her significant other.  we went to key west, cozumel and belize.  it was awesome, and it was also in 2007!  needless to say, i'm a little behind in my scrapbooking!!!

i've gotten my friend ashley into digital scrapbooking as well.  her twin sister sam does all sort of creative things, including digital scrapbooking and photography.  sam recommended several awesome websites, one of now which i use as a source of inspiration.

sam introduced me to gina miller (and her designs).  gina miller is awesome and there is  a great website that showcases her layouts and projects.  below is a page that i used to help me create my final page in my cruise scrapbook (reproduced with her permission).

here is my take on gina's beautiful layout:

inspiration can strike at any moment.  but sometimes, you have go to looking for it.  i knew what i wanted in my closing page for my cruise scrapbook....and gina miller helped me figure out what i wanted it to look like.  i love the end result, especially since this is thinking outside of the box for me.  i wouldn't have created this type of layout myself.  thanks, gina!

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  1. YAY! I am glad that the websites I sent are such a great inspiration for you. I love looking there for ideas and new trends.
    Gina Miller is awesome. She use to have a blog that was a must read for me. Love her.