Thursday, March 12

ok, i'm obsessed.

it has come to my attention that i may be *slightly* obsessed with items that are sold only through infomercials. it's not that i want to be obsessed with these wonderful's just that i am a sucker for anything that is less 20 bucks...especially if you call within the 'limited time' and you get two of said item, and the price is reduced to $9.99.

recent obsessions:

1. the snuggie. i believe this product speaks for itself. if one more person tells me that this item is pretty much just a 'robe on backwards' i'm going to flip out. i mean, you can even read with it. i NEED it...and i'll take mine in blue. thanks.

2. the slapchop. it peels entire onions...and garlic, and grinds nuts down to mere bits. it works in SECONDS, people. and i'm super-excited about the limited time offer here: the graty. a cheese grater with a cute name. i NEED it, as in yesterday! (note: look how happy the salesperson looks just holding the slapchop).

3. shamwow. i don't even know why i want one of these, except that it soaks up that whole soda...i've never had a dishtowel, or an entire roll of bounty, for that matter, be able to do that. i mean, it's true...i will NEVER use it to clean my car....but i might dump an entire soda out on the floor...and what would i do then, if i didn't have a shamwow? it holds 12 times it's own weight. sign me up!

this is not a new obsession....i have been over the moon for things 'as seen on TV' pretty much my whole life. i'm not sure what the mystique behind all the products are...but i know where it started. the Jack LaLane juicer, which i stumbled across when i watched 'amazing discoveries' for the first time. man, i knew quality, even when i was 12.

past obsessions:

1. nads. even though the name sounds nasty, i wanted this hair removal system all throughout college. i mean, how could you go wrong? it's all natural, and doesn't hurt to rip your hair out by the roots. you can even eat it. even bearded girls can get smooth faces with this amazing product.

2. flowbee. OMG...a hair vacuum. could there possibly be anything so awesome as this product? oh man....i didn't really want it to cut my own hair, but my sister's hair...and i guess our barbies' hair. either a word: AMAZING.

3. oxiclean. i actually bought some of this stuff, and it seriously does work...i used to use it to wash my white flip-flops when they got all nasty from my dirty feet. however, billy mays is sort of creepy...but when he puts the oxiclean in that bowl full of purple juice and the napkin comes out white: say what???? awesome!

i have realized that not everyone embraces all things 'as seen on tv.' but they are missing out...i love hearing those magic words: this is a revolutionary product, and it can be yours, but only for a limited time. i swoon at the thought of the package arriving at my house!

maybe it's just because the infomercials of today remind me of a simpler time: mike levey, and his crazy bill cosby sweaters.

but either way....i'll take two, and make sure you thown in a book light FOR FREE!!!!!!!!


  1. As I type this, I'm using my blue snuggie. Everyone I know mocks me...I'm glad to see another believer. (What other blanket would allow you to type on your laptop? *haha* And it's NOT a's much, much snuggier.)

    NADS! I remember Nads! My sister fell for that ad and bought it when it showed up at Walgreens. I don't remember if it worked or not, but I DO remember that it STUNK to high heaven. It was gross!

    The Shamwow/SlapChop dude kinda freaks me out, but he is somehow better looking than Billy Maize. Hmmm.

    I remember my first experience ordering something from an infomercial. It was one of the first Pilates video sets, y'know back when people were just discovering this "new" form of miraculous exercise. I saw the commercial and totally fell for the "CALL NOW and get blah blah blah..." My husband, then fiance', laughed at me saying, "Did you really believe that there are people waiting on the phones, JUST when that commercials playing, in order to know that you qualify for that offer?" Um, yeah, I kinda did.

  2. I seriously wish they can ship snuggie outside the states. They dont do shippings to my country, I hate it. :P

  3. HAHA my cousin did a 'commericial' in her history class for a snuggie. They totally got an A+

    The day shamwows showed up at my work, my patients were all clamoring over it. I was glad to not have to work storefront. They kept asking questions like we were the shamwow guy.

    oxiclean is amazing, but the Billy Mays' voice irritates the hell out of me.

  4. Don't worry your not the only one..I'm dying to get a Shamwow..just to say the words after a big clean up would give me all the joy in the