Wednesday, March 11

adventures in baking

so, yay! i started a cake decorating class, with my good friend ash. she writes, pointless stories, a blog that you should check out. she and i have been friends for about four years now...and she wrangled me into this!

so, i got into the class thinking that i am only going to spend 15 bucks (because i had a 50% off coupon!). however...over $100 later, i am ready to decorate. and i'm excited about it....because, if you have read my other will see that i recommend to "go big or go home." this apparently, is one of those times.

i've leveled my cake. it sort of looks lopsided. i spent three hours making home-made icing. which i think is still too stiff. so, i'm unsure about everything related to that...except the icing. the icing on the cake is a rockin' pink color. the icing i made for the 'decorations' that we will 'master' in class tomorrow will be a pale yellow. do you sense my apprehension? it's not that i'm worried...well, ok. i am worried. give me a paper to write, and i'll get an A. give me a cake to ice....and, well....yeah.

but......tonight i made mini-cupcakes. they are so cute. i go the idea for the little buggers, from a new book i picked up, hello cupcake. the icing was a snap to do, using store-bought, can kind that gets heated. the cupcakes only took about 30 minutes to make, including baking time.

when i iced them though, i didn't realize how, let's say...."bright" they are. when all the cupcake designs are together, they look like something i would make for dr. seuss. but, whatever...i'm proud of myself and my crazy little cupcakes.
i love how they turned out, especially the quantity. one box of cake mix provided me with over 60 little cupcakes. however, when the hubs tried one "to see if they were poison" he said they were more like a "cupcake shot." yum!!!

i'm so excited to try more recipes for cupcakes. i'll make sure i keep updating pictures of all my goodies!


  1. Well let's see...there's a Dr. Seuss day sometime during the year, right? Those cupcakes will be PERFECT to make again for that occasion! :) I personally think they're darling...but I've kinda got a thing for obnoxiously bright colors. *hehe*

    That class sounds like so much fun! I admit, baking is not my strong point. But I do so appreciate a beautiful (and delicious) cake.

    Hey, if you haven't seen it already, you MUST check out You will get a huge kick out of it, especially as your embark on your cake decorating journey. Have fun!

  2. Ok, I have to tell you that I squeed a little (out loud too) when I saw your cupcakes. I think they are freaking adorable. Total party cupcakes.

  3. Cupcake shot!! LOL

    But completely agree with you that they are brightly colored - not that anything wrong with that!

    I do a lot of experiments in the kitchen too the only thing is that hubby has to eat them :-)

  4. i want to go to that class. I would eat all my decorations though lol :)