Sunday, March 8

customer service

on saturday, the hubby and i did some shopping down at the outlets. not only did he need to buy a new pair of running shoes, but i needed to get a new battery put in my watch. so, we stopped at the fossil store...i pull my watch out of my purse (aka....the trash bag) and mark's FIVE watches. one was so old, he may have had it in middle school. another watch was literally hanging by one pin.

so, i put all of these on the counter, and the young gentleman said that it usually is $10 per battery, however, since i had so many, he could do everything for a total of $10. SAY WHAT? he asked if i could return in a little we went to buy my man some running shoes, etc.

we returned to the store, and only three of the watches had been fixed (yay, mine was one)..he was still working on two of them. he said he needed some more time (very apologetic, i might add). so, we went next door to starbucks, and bought two overpriced coffee-esque drinks, but i digress.

upon arrival, the clerk informs us that he cannot fix the remaining two, including the one from 1985 (or there-abouts). so, he says "there's no charge." SAY WHAT (again.) we offered two more times to pay them for the trouble, or at least the $30 in batteries, but to no avail.

i was shocked....this sort of customer service just doesn't happen anymore....especially to me. it made me very happy, and i am only going to fossil from now on for my time-telling needs.

service....with a smile. all the peeps at walmart could learn a lesson from the sales clerk at fossil.


  1. Hmm I need to check out the Fossil watches then.. had my eye for a long time on them :-)

  2. First of all - OUTLET SHOPPING! Jealous! We don't have any decent outlet malls/stores near us. They're my absolute fave!

    And yeah, that is some impressive customer service. Makes me think they deserve a nice letter, but who would you make it out to? *haha*