Thursday, March 5

things i recommend

there are lots of things that i enjoy in life....too many to list here. however, i can make some recommendations for you. of course, these are just things that i would recommend....but go ahead and enjoy if would like!

1. own a pet. it will truly change your life....for both the better and the worse. owning two naughty dachshunds (toby is the red one and zoey is the teeny black & tan one) has been on the most rewarding experiences. however, they also quite time consuming and often use the floor as their personal toilet. in our house, we use the words "potty trained" quite loosely.

2. read jodi picoult. she is truly an amazing author. i have read many of her books. she tells haunting stories that really make you think. one of my favorite things about her is that she has the ability to reach many people, from all walks of life.

3. travel with friends. love them or hate them, you will find out who your true friends are when you spend any length of time away from home with them. i highly recommend it, because almost every time i've traveled with friends, it's been awesome. i especially love our yearly hike to the beach....good times!

4. play yahtzee. you may have played this game on road trips with your family....or perhaps that is just me?! either way, i have rediscovered this game through my sister-in-law and her man. the game is fun...even though it may seem sort of 'old-school,' it can provide entertainment...and cheaply too. go ahead and click on the know you want to!

5. go to the beach...on the east coast. beach on the east coast is truly awesome. the shelly/pebbly beaches, the dirty water, people wearing 'surf mocs.' you can't beat it. favorite thing about the beaches on the east coast are getting fries and being attacked by seagulls! just kidding....that is my favorite when it happens to other people!!!

6. the movie:my life as a house. made in 2001, it stars kevin kline and a teenage hayden christensen. it is a coming-of-age story that is steeped in drugs, cancer and dysfunctional families. it all ties in nicely at the end and has some moments that make you think about your life and "what it all means."

7. buy something completely impractical. my weapon of choice was a really fast car....when i lived out in western pa, in the WINTER. it was completely ridiculous to buy...i didn't listen to anyone's good advice! i just went on impulse. it was truly awesome, though. i really enjoyed owning that car...for a brief moment in time, i felt like i was cool.

8. watch movies from the 80s. including movies written and directed by john hughes. these movies, which i do not have to name for you, but i will: breakfast club, weird science, st. elmos fire, real genius, etc. the themes that were present in many teen 80s movies still resonate today. which is why they are considered "the new classics," i suppose!

9. go big or go home. one time at least in your life, go all in. don't do it half-assed. really decide for yourself that you are going to throw yourself into it, whether it is a hobby, your job, or heck...even your addiction. but do it at least one time, because at the end of the day, you want to say that you have given 110 % to at least something. let's hope that people just don't call it alcoholism, though!

10. listen to motion city soundtrack. they are an awesome alternative band. their songs are happy and peppy, with great guitars and vocals. i have enjoyed all of their albums...even though they aren't on the traditional radio stations, you should definitely check them out.


  1. 1)Pets are the best! I <3 my JackJack.

    2)Jodi picoult is an awesome author! We read 'My Sister's Keeper' for our bookclub at work and it blew me away.

    3) Traveling with friends is such a great experience. Brings you closer together as long as we don't end up killing each other. HAHA.

    4) I guess I should learn to play yahtzee sometime hehe.

    5) this has been on my to do list for ages...

    7) I do impractical things all the time. Totally good for the soul to do it once in a while.

    8) great movies!

    9 and 10) totally agree.

    sorry for the long comment

  2. Hmmm...I like your list! ESPECIALLY:

    Owning a pet! My life wouldn't be the same without my babies. (I recently did a little survey on my blog about each of them. It was so fun, you should do it for your doxies so everyone can get to know them.)

    And My Life As A House is an excellent, heart-wrenching movie!! Good recommendation.