Wednesday, March 4


today, whilst driving, i looked down at my hands at the scar from last year's superbowl bash....when i was cutting onions for my cheeseburger stromboli, and sliced right through my middle finger (almost!).

and i got to thinking about scars...and what they say about a person's history. scars tell a story, good or bad....they are what remains to remind us of what happened, and what could have been.

and i have a lot of them............

best scar: on my chin. i fell off of my bike when i was biking through gravel. landed on chin, needed 42 stitches (some inside, some outside). a piece of stone was still lodged in my chin. if you rub over the scar, you can feel the indent left from the stone!

most embarrassing scar: on my left pinky toe. i had a tumor (not a 6th toe, as some people like to joke) removed when i was little...and my toenail went with it. so, i have no toenail on my left pinky looks weird when the asian chicks paint in anyway when i get a pedicure!

longest scar: on my abdomen. lots of internal injuries from a car accident in 2001. yikes. if i ever get a c-section, i would totally look like a human T-chart.

scar most people ask about: my ankle. it looks like i was burned, or in some sort of bear attack. was just from a skin graft due to the same car accident that gave me the "longest scar." people always stare at it, but after nearly a decade of having this's just me.

scar that has the most "history": the scar(s) on my right knee where i perpetually fell off of my bike or my rollerskates. i always seemed to go down on that knee for some reason....and there is a whole slew of scars on it, making one large scar!

so, while some people don't like their scars, and while people sometimes ask and stare at mine...scars make us who we are. scars tell a story, our personal story.


  1. beautiful. and i totally agree.

  2. I love my scars too. Just got a new one off a snowboarding rail. So much for having one good knee haha.

    Loved this post.