Friday, March 13

my favorite time of day

everyone has a favorite part of the day...whether it is getting up early to enjoy coffee and the newspaper before the sun comes up, watching the stars at night when the moon is full and bright, or even if it is the middle of the day watching ellen...everyone has that favorite time of day.

MY favorite time of day is anytime i get home, but from work, especially. anytime i pull in the driveway is the best time of day, because as soon as i enter my house, i am greeted with the warmest welcome possible: two dachshunds with their tails whipping wildly about and eyes dancing with delight.

it is truly the best time of the day, because no matter how terrible or long my day is, those two weenie dogs never fail to lift my spirits and make me smile. they are always happy to see me, no matter what.

let me introduce them to you. we affectionately call them "the wuggles."

toby is our oldest. he is five, and we have had him since he was about 6 months old. my husband told me that we couldn't get him because our apt. lease said "no dogs." i was so sad and pouty, it was like i was 13 and not getting the latest nintendo gaming system. however, when the hubs came home later from work, and said questioningly, "you didn't get the dog?" it led me to believe that he was saddened by my not respecting his wishes, and getting the dog anyway. so, when he left me to my own devices again, toby was ours.

toby is so sweet and gentlemanly. he is handsome in sort of a refined way. he usually doesn't bark, unless his sister, or the dog across the yard provokes him. he has great disdain for inclement weather, but adores lying in the sunspots in the living room. his favorite 'toy' is any towel, which he likes to shred and then fall asleep on.

zoey is our second dachshund. we knew in the long run that toby would need a friend, but we thought we would be getting a larger dog, since the hubs is a runner. but, after owning toby, the husband is a changed man...we went to a dog breeder, who had all sorts of dogs...and his eyes were only for this sweet, teeny black and tan doxie. she was in a box with other, larger puppies, and we had to 'rescue her,' as my husband says. we also chose her because she seemed so quiet and relaxed...a perfect friend for toby, our quiet pup. fate fooled us, when it turns out that zoey was just sick...and as soon as she had two days of antibiotics in her, she turned in the ADHD dog she has been ever since.

zoey is our ray of sunshine, but she is also a total spaz. she has such a soft coat, and the longest ears that flap when she runs. however, she has horrible breath, and due to her bad dental hygeine, has no front teeth. sadly, santa did not bring her any this year. she is loving and friendly, and always wants to be petted. her favorite pastime is sitting in our great room in 'her chair' staring out the window and the aforementioned neighbor dog. she enjoys carrying around the husbands socks and underwear, as if they were her doll babies. she loves being outside, in any kind of weather.

so, there you have it, my favorite time of day. i hope that sometime you get to have a creature that is so friendly, loving and warm as a dachshund. they truly make my day, everyday.


  1. OMG! I so love dogs but unfortunately can't get them... house thingy.

    Lucky you! My fav time of the day is the same... the moment I step in the house it is all about my time :-)

  2. Your puppies are soo cute!! That's how my puppy Mia is...we thought she was quiet and reserved when we first went and saw her, yeah right!

  3. Aww that is totally my favorite time of day too! I love walking towards the garage door and JackJack's little white face staring out waiting for me!

    <3 doggies. They are just the best. And I have the best 'nephew' ever. A bassett hound by the name of Rhett Butler. A total heartbreaker. <3 your wuggles too!

    I get so weird and squeeish about dogs hehe

  4. They.Are.Darling. But...things are best in odd numbers. I think you need one more?! *hehe*

  5. completely agree with you Edward and Ireland!!! For me Emmett will do though :-D

  6. Thanks! For me it is essential that I keep up the positive side as I don't want to depress everyone around me and thus me too :-D