Monday, March 16

who wants cupcakes?

ok, i really am excited about this whole new adventure that i am embarking on. since i have taken the first cake decorating class with my good friend ash, i have made one cake, 65 mini cupcakes, and 24 regular cupcakes. am i'm thinking about making more. am i nuts? well, probably, but i don't think that this recent obsession has added to the big cup of crazy that i usually am.

yesterday evening, i wanted to practice making my icing for next week's class, where we will be continuing to make roses. last week's icing was OK. and i am not OK with OK! practice makes perfect...and i want to not necessarily be perfect, but i want to be darn good.

and i also wanted some chocolate cupcakes! :-)

so, i made some pink homemade icing, and got to work. i also filled the cupcakes with the icing. this time, only the icing was homemade. which sort of disappoints me, but it cuts about half of the work (especially since i'm focusing right now on decorating), and giant also had a 10 pillsbury box mixes for 10 bucks! so, while i have not made homemade cupcakes just yet, i have a plan (oh, how i love plans). the husband is still deciding on what kind he is either between caramel turtle cupcakes or hankie pankie cupcakes, both ideas from my favorite cupcake blog!

however, the final product, which is a devil's food cupcake, with buttercream icing, turned out perfectly. i am so happy with the way the icing turned out. i even made several different colors, with icing that i had left over from my last cake decorating class. the finishing touches are the rainbow sugar sprinkles that add a pretty effect and a yummy crunch. stay tuned to see which cupcakes the husband picks!


  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    I love them! So cute! I also love that you are just as interested in this as me. I really think we should consider doing this as a side job, if the classes turn out well. Can't wait for Thursday!

  2. I just have one question: Who is eating all these cupcakes? Do you need a volunteer??

    Oops, that was two questions. But cancel the second one, that was my stomach talking. :)

  3. ok...i know who's making the birthday cakes from now on!! :-)