Sunday, February 28

i have a fondness for themes

some friends and i have started a "dinner club" of sorts. we get together at one couple's home and they make dinner for the whole group. then the next month another couple reciprocates, etc. last night, our friends did an italian theme. on the menu: fried ravioli, chicken marsala, parmesan risotto, and tiramisu for dessert. it was to die for!!! so, since it is our turn next, we can't dissapoint, because jesse and ashley did an amazing job.

next month is our turn. it is during the month of march, so i'm sure we'll do some sort of irish theme, but i'm on the lookout for other great themes.....for our next turn. here are some ones the husband came up with:

gourmet school lunch (i love this idea!)
hawaiian luau
seafood feast

but that's it....we are having a hard time coming up with other themes (i want to have a lot of options), i started looking around on the internet for ideas.....and man did i find some. but not ones that i really, really want to do. so, hello out there in internet you have any themes i could use for subsequent dinner (parties)???

some ideas i MIGHT do (that i found online):

souper party (where different soups are the main event, i guess)
backyard bbq
80's theme (not sure how to pull this off just yet)
chinese new year

i also found this dinner party blog that had A TON of great stuff. i'm going to continue to look around (on the internet, of course).....but i'm looking for your feedback as well....have you gone to any great themed dinner parties or thrown one yourself???

in any case, i'll be looking for irish ideas for the second meeting of our dinner party club!!! (i didn't realize how nerdy that sounded until just now)!!!!

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  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Hello!?! My irish potatoes from Christmas!! :-P Hopefully we'll see each other again soon!!!