Saturday, February 27

if i were in charge of the olympics

i'm sad to say that this year i did not watch any of the olympics. not a SINGLE minute. and i love the olympics.....don't know why i didn't watch it (maybe disheartened by the luge guy who passed away??) anyway, i go to thinking (last night at bingo with my friend ashley) about what i would rock at the olympic games.

to be honest, i don't think i would rock at anything in the olympics, at least in the traditional events. so, if these events were olympics events, i'm sure i would ROCK least get a medal, if not gold!

1. that parachute from elementary school gym class. man, i was awesome at that thing. i could do popcorn (where balls of some sort where placed on top and then flung into the air), but my speciality was really flinging it up in the air and then running underneath. i would probably "silver" in this event!

2. pogoball. i LOVED this as a child, and i'm pretty sure i would still be awesome at it today. gold medal would be hanging from my neck if i participated in this event. i thought i was super cool when i would pogoball AND jump rope at the same time. it's truly a wonder that i had as many friends as i did growing up.

3. turtle racing. even though my i would make my sister (5 years younger sister) pull me on this (by attaching a jumprope, of course) up the hill, i was awesome at maneuvering this vehicle. maybe my sister and i could enter as a pairs event?

4. tv tag. ohhhhhhhhhh, i always had like a million shows thought up ahead of time. mr. belvedere anyone? i was sorta slow though......bronze?

5. crocodile mile. sing it with me now: "you run, you slide, hit the bump and take a dive." although my dive never had good execution, i always ran and slide with the best of them. i'd be guarantee to medal in this "summer" event.

although i fear i will never win an olympic medal in any of the aforementioned sports, i will always hold these events near and dear to my heart. what olympic events would you have if you were in charge of the games?


  1. Hahah! Probably I would make a marathon of reading... for the Olympics! :-)

    About Sarah Dessen's books, I have read only two of them but I have found both of them good. Since they are not a part of any series, you can start with any.

    But amongst the two that I have read I would recommend you start with Someone Like You. :-)

  2. i will have to pull that one from my classroom shelf.....i know it's on there!!! thanks for the advice!