Wednesday, April 1


it rained here all day today, and about 40 degrees....which in my mind equals a totally miserable day. but then i came home, and i remembered that every time i get home, it's my favorite time of day!

so, when i was greeted by the wuggles, i put them promptly outside in the nasty, miserable weather. and sternly said "get off the deck..." and they went on their way.

as they finished their business and i dried them off with a towel (toby's favorite part of any day!!) i began to think about their lives...and one question came to mind: WHO DID THEY PISS OFF IN ANOTHER LIFE? little doggies are so low to the ground, than in any type of wet/blustery weather, their entire bellies and most of their front gets soaked. and then when i dress them in "protective outerwear," they get pissy with me. their protective outerwear consists of a doggie hoodie or sweater, depending on the day!

but truly, what did these little pups to do someone/something in their former lives to come back as a dog that is two dogs long, but only a half-dog high?

all i can think of is that these little guys have so much to deal with between the weather and not being able to get very many places due to their height/weight ratio, that they deserve to come back as something else taller and shorter than a doxie next time 'round.


  1. Well...all the bad things doxies deal with are made up for because everyone finds them irresistibly cute! (At least I do! *hehe*)

  2. It is just a downside to their irrisistable cuteness. They deal with low ridin cos they get extra love from their parents haha.