Monday, April 6

(cup)cake bonanza

i've been baking up a storm, but i've been too lazy or busy (you choose!) to post the pics. so, i'll post them all here now!!!

a few weeks ago, i made completely from scratch chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. i got the recipe from a blog called eggs on sunday, but the recipe was adapted from the food network, i believe.

they turned out ok, but i realize i don't really like peanut butter icing, but everyone else gave them pretty good reviews. i thought the cake was a little dry for my taste, but perhaps i'm just low-rent and like the box mix. oh well!

then, i finally finished up with my first cake decorating class that i took with my good friend, ashley. although i knew i my heart of hearts that i would have to attempt the rose, i also knew that i didn't want my last cake looking like crap. so, here is the final result. i barely tinted the cake icing pink, just to give it a little color. then, i used a brighter pink for the roses and the polka dots. i am pretty proud of myself. people at the husband's work wondered "who brought in the professional cake." when he told me that, i scoffed and said, were these your blind co-workers? but alas, i have to give myself some does look pretty good! good enough to eat at least!

then, about two weeks ago, i went down to visit my sister-in-law for a girls weekend (it was superfun!) and i knew i wanted to take some cupcakes. so, i made vanilla and chocolate, box mixes. i also ran short on time, so i just used the all of the frosting that i had left in the fridge. i thought they all turned out pretty cute. the vanilla and chocolate icing mix looked extra fancy, if i do say so myself!

i really am enjoying this new hobby, and i believe the husband is too. however, i have a feeling he's had his fair share of cupcakes. i guess i'll have to find a new "tester." any takers?


  1. Wow, impressiveness! :) The peanut butter frosting looks like something my hubby would gobble down in buckets, but I'm with you, not really my thing.

    The OTHERS, however, I would find irresistible! I think it's awesome you're having so much fun with this little hobby! Isn't it fun to discover something new to love? :)

    Oh and I'm glad I'm probably too far away to be a taster. That's got danger zone written all over it! ;)

  2. sign me up for cupcake testing! haha

    Plus I have a very large extended family full of children who love cupcakes and have the metabolism for it too haha.