Monday, April 13

happy vacation

i am ready to head back to work tomorrow. i can't usually say that on any given monday. however, i feel refreshed from my lovely four day weekend, afforded by the luxury of being a teacher. yay.

over the vacation, i did not do much. which is about the same that i do on regular weekends, so i guess i accomplished what i usually do, which again is, not much. this is not to say that the husband didn't accomplish a lot. cause he did. he always does though. thank god for husbands (especially my cute, hardworking one!)

on friday, we had a great day pretty much to ourselves, where we lounged around watching re-runs of the west wing, possibly the greatest show ever. we capped our evening with an evening viewing of i love you, man. it was pretty funny but paul rudd was so awkward it hurt to watch. rashida jones nailed it though. i've missed her on the office!

the rest of the weekend was devoted to familial obligations. which, in our family means, get together and consume a huge amount of food. this holiday was no different. the only injustice: this holiday focuses around HAM. i love HAM. and i can't have HAM. damn the ham. that is all i will offer on the matter of me NOT being able to have HAM. damn the sodium nitrates. ok, that really is it.

i made delish cupcakes...for saturday, i made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate buttercream. however, i decorated them to look like sunflowers. they turned out great!!! then on sunday, i made chocolate cupcakes again, but this time with mint buttercream garnished with an andes mint (either a whole one, or one crushed up, depending on your preference).

today was pretty good too. the husband met up with two of our good friends, who are both teachers. one is ashley, and the other is jackie. we went to houlihans! their potato soup is to die for!!!

sooooooo, that's how i spent my four kid-free days. what did the easter bunny bring everyone?!


  1. I didn't see "I Love You Man" but my hubby did and said the same thing about Paul Rudd. He said he was really, really bad.

    And I could just cry for you not being able to have ham. That's the saddest food injustice I've ever heard. :(

  2. I went easter egg hunting on a snowboard. It was pretty cut-throat with everyone diving for eggs off their ski's or board.

  3. I was Easter bunny-less...stupid work.
    Yumm those cupcakes sound delish! :)

  4. I thought I love you man was hilarious! You're right it was kind of ridiculous how awkward Paul Rudd's character was!

  5. I saw I Love You Man and liked it a lot more than I was expecting. I guess it helps going in with somewhat low expectations.