Tuesday, March 31

top five tuesday: celebs i can't get enough of

and by can't get enough of, i mean stalk. well, not really stalk...but follow closely. well, ok, i just read about them in trashy magazines, but you know what i mean. while i am a language arts teacher, and would love to say that i only read the classics, that just isn't true. unless you consider demi and ashton one of the classics.

in no particular order, of course...my top five celebs (or celeb couples) that i can get enough of...

1. jake and reese. i want them to get married and have lots of cute kids. now i know reese already has two beautiful children with ryan phillipe, but i'm sure she could have a few more with the handsome jake gyllenhaal.

2. speidy. spencer pratt and heidi montag are terrible reality show "actors." however, i cannot get enough of reading or hear about their crazy ways. are the married, aren't they married? did he beat her up, what about the "tape?" seriously...does it get any better than the sort of reality that these two kooks are living in? i don't think so.

3. britney spears. oh, how far you have fallen, queen of pop. truly, britney use to have an amazing body, killer clothes and a trashy sense about her. now she has two kids, a regular i've-had-two-kids-body, makes shoddy clothing decisions and a trashy sense about her. she is truly a train wreck...and if she isn't up to her antics, then what will i read about when i go to the salon?

4. scarlett johansson. she is truly beautiful. i really think she is this generations marilyn monroe. and she is married to ryan reynolds. while i dislike that she is going for her "singing career" i really have enjoyed her in the movies that she has put out. i most recently saw her in he's just not that into you , which was trite at best, but she did a pretty good job and looked amazing.

5. jon and kate plus 8. now i know you might say that these people aren't really celebs, but they are becoming celebs slowly. this family used to live in my town...seriously, like 5 minutes away. not only are the children absolutely cute...jon seems wonderful. and kate, well, she seems kinda witchy, but who am i to judge? i don't have 8 children, least of all 6 at one time.

so there you have it...my fave people to read gossip about. or what i like call "truth." i mean....if it's in OK magazine, it's gotta be true, right?


  1. I almost hate to say this, but I am a bit obsessed with Jon & Kate too!
    P.S. I found you from 20sb :)

  2. I <333 watching Jon and Kate plus 8

    It makes me afraid of having children, but they are so adorable.