Tuesday, March 24

top five tuesday: tom hanks movies

my friends and i were talking about doing a movie night thing on the regular, where each couple/person brings a movie. the best part: we have themes. OH HOW I LOVE THEMES!!! so, i start thinking about all the themes that we could do, and it spurred me to think about my top five for this week, and what did i come up with? tom hanks movies. oh yeah, and cast away was on this weekend too.

in no particular order...for more info, check out the truly amazing internet movie database or IMDB.

1. joe vs. the volcano. seriously, you have to check this movie out. i saw this movie a million years ago, and every time it comes on, i will watch it. two words: brain cloud. i promise you'll laugh a lot! plus, he hooks up with meg ryan!

2. radio flyer. he played a small part, but this movie is amazing. check it out...also has a very, very young elijah wood.

3. that thing you do. just plain fun. i love him as the saucy manager/agent of the wonders.

4. a league of their own. i love this movie for so many reasons, but tom hanks is the icing on the cake, as the drunk, cantankerous coach of the rockford peaches! yay jimmy dugan.

5. turner & hooch. i'm throwing this one in for two reason: 1) the dog that eats all of turner's stuff and 2) the look on people's faces when this movie comes of TBS/TNT. apparently, a new classic?

what tom hanks movie would you put on your list?


  1. That Thing You Do is one of my all-time favorite movies to watch over and over and over. It's such a great feel-good flick!

    And I love Radio Flyer too! It's so heart-wrenching but the performances from those little boys are undeniably amazing.

  2. ohhh all good movies! I also love Green Mile when I need a good cry. haha.

  3. i definitely agree with sarah...but i have to go with the one about the red shoe....