Sunday, April 18

love at first read

everyday i like to catch up on all of my blogs that i stalk read.  one of my very favorite blogs is the postsecret blog, which is exactly like the books they sell.  post secret is an ongoing project based out of maryland, where people sent in their secrets.  i love reading these....they are funny, endearing or sometimes even sad.  either way, this blog is only updated every sunday--so i really look forward to reading it all week.

today there were some interesting secrets, but more importantly, i saw two new blogs that i want to ahem, follow.  found is one of them.  found is a blog about all things found.  i love found art-whether is a note, poetry or what have you.  it is actually a magazine as well....but i'm content for checking out the site for right now.

the second blog i read about today was 1000 awesome things.  this blog is very neat (i sound like i'm 82).  the writer of this blog is counting down 1000 awesome things (in his opinion), one awesome thing at a time.  the blog is hilarious, and the "things" are discussed in short, quick reads.

all in all, i'm in love.  i love the new sites that i have "found" today.  that's what i love about reading and following blogs.  you never know where you are going to be taken by reading someone's writing.  some of it is crap, but some of it is, well.....awesome.

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