Monday, April 19

i love a man in a track uniform!

the husband and i have been together for a little bit now.  like 13 years this yeah, for a little bit (we've only been married for almost 4.  c'mon people, i didn't grow up in the south!! and i can say that, 'cause my mom did!).  i feel like i've known him my whole life.......he's seen me at my worst, my best and everything in between.

he puts up with my crap and is an amazing father.  that's pretty much all i could ask for, b/c will all of my neuroses, if i didn't have him, i don't think i would have a man.  that's why i snagged him when we were young.....i trained him right!!!

anyway....the husband is very athletic...always has been, always will be.  since he was student teaching (in 2002), he has been coaching in some form or another.  he currently is the head coach for the varsity and middle school track teams at his school.  the monkey man and i went to visit him at his meet today.  and no, he really wasn't in a track uniform, i saw him doing his coaching thing, running around.....and i got all blushy and my heart started racing.  twitterpated i think is the word for that feeling, no?  i felt like i was back in HS when i saw him running for the first time.

i'm so proud to know him....even back when he was the boyfriend, instead of the husband.  he's always been dedicated, whether it was to me, his sport or to his athletes.  and although i don't think he'll don a track uniform anytime soon, seeing him in his NL "coach o" gear is just as awesome!
*pole vaulting.  kind of his thing.
*one of my favorite pics from HS.  the husband running with some good friends.

*more pole vaulting.  look at those biceps!
**fast forward like, more than a decade....
*here he is doing some pre-race stretching with the XC team

either way, track uniform or not.....he's mine.  although, if he runs away, i'm not sure i could catch him! better keep those neuroses in check!!

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  1. Great seeing the old pictures of Mark. I learned he used to do pole vaulting, I apparently never thought to ask.