Tuesday, April 20

top five tuesday: places i haven't been, but want to go to

last week i wrote about my top five places that i HAVE been.  this week, i thought i would do a top five of places i WANT to visit, but haven't (yet)!

1.  atlantis resort in the bahamas.  it looks freakin' awesome.  i had a student that went there (yeah, her parents were rich...cause who else could afford to take the entire family....i'll be going with just the husband...and even then, we'll have to have a second mortgage) and she said she had such an amazing time, she cried when she left.  sign me up!

2.  spain.  i took spanish in HS and in college.  i reeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to go, so i can use "donde esta el bano" for real, b/c when i went to mexico, everyone spoke english, and i didn't have to say it.  i still did, though!  although i would like to see the running of the bulls, please know that i do not want participate.  mainly because it involves running.  fast.  and if not fast enough, being trampled and the like.  boo to that.

3.  ireland.  basically, i love potatoes, and i have a lot of green.  oh yeah, and i'm irish.  so, yeah...i want to go to ireland.

4.  costa rica.  i really want to visit here, but one time when i was away for a "girls weekend," the husband rented turistas on demand.  since he saw some crazy, whacked out movie, we aren't allowed to go to costa rica.  i did not see this movie, nor will i.  b/c i WANT to go to costa rica.

5.  oregon.  pictures i have seen of this pacific coast state are amazing.  i especially want to go and visit the university of oregon, where steve prefontaine ran.....if you don't know who he is, go here.  there have been several great movies made about his life:  prefontaine (the one with jared leto) and without limits (the one with billy crudup).   anyway.....i want to visit oregon, and take pictures of its scenic beauty.

there you have...places i plan on visiting, even if i have to get a second mortgage on the house!

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  1. I think my top 3 would probably be Greece, Australia, & Egypt