Saturday, April 17

give a little bit...

today, my friend ashley and i helped out at a bake sale to help end childhood hunger.  the bake sale benefitted the share our strength organization, which is holding bake sales nation wide in order to raise money to help end childhood hunger in america.

did you know that almost 1 in 4 children in AMERICA are hungry.  and not like "midnight craving" hungry.  17 million children in america face hunger everyday.  we live in america, people.  there is a starbucks and mcdonalds on every corner, and we can't fix this?

well, i'm trying to help end it (not singlehandedly, of course).  my new friend jen, from my kitchen addiction, was the person in charge, not only of the one i "worked" at, but for the entire state!  there was tons of delicious baked goods, and although it was FREEZING, people stopped by now and then to buy some delicious treats.

the bake sale was held at the hershey outlets....we were stationed outside of pacsun....near the carter's outlet.  one thing we realized quickly.....we had to get the kids.  once the kids saw the goodies, we were golden.  some people bought a lot, some people just donated money.  either way, it was a nice feeling knowing that i was making a contribution.  like i said, it was freezing....if the weather was better, i think more people would have been out shopping.  at least it wasn't raining!

here are some pictures of the event.  jen said she would be hosting another bake sale sometime in the summer, and i'm excited thinking of the cupcakes i'm going to make for it already!

*one of the two tables of delicious goodies.

*my cupcakes.  that's right....someone bought one.  whoot!

*ashley and i.  please notice my black fleece and brown pants.  i was not expecting it to be freezing...and my jean jacket (wow...that sounds SO 80s) wasn't cutting it.  so i had to clash.  oh well.

*that's jen, host of the event.  oh yeah..and ashley too!

*one of ashley's cute cookies.

for the event, of course i made cupcakes.  i made vanilla with "tiffany blue" vanilla buttercream icing and chocolate with peanut butter buttercream icing.  i should have bought single containers to sell the cupcakes in, but i ran out of time.  they were hard to package, but they were pretty!

so, you didn't make it to the actual bake sale to give a donation or to purchase some goodies?  that's ok.  if you'd like to make a donation, you still can.  visit the share our strength  to make a donation today, or to find out how you can get involved to help end childhood hunger in america.

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  1. It was a blast hanging out with you and Ashley today! Great to meet you, and thanks for keeping me company in the bitter cold :)