Tuesday, March 16

top five tuesday: things i can't live without

there are many, many things that i cannot live without, and this changes as my life changes, but thisminute, here are the things i must have to get through the hour/day/week, etc.  and no, i'm not that petty that i didn't include sentimental ideas like family and friends.....OBVIOUSLY i need those "things" to get through the day.....these are the material things, people.  i do have some feelings!!!!

1.  bouncer seat.  dear sweet lord, whoever invented the bouncer seat should be given a medal, because this literally has saved our lives.  not only does it quiet down our sweet little one, it travels easily and when matthew is crying uncontrollably before bed, it lulls him to sleep.  thank you, creator of the bouncer seat.

2.  cupcake courier.  how else would i travel with my yummy nuggets of deliciousness?  this container means that i can now take WAY more than 12 cupcakes to go....i can take 36.  and who doesn't want 36 cupcakes?

3.  dvr.  (i do hate comcast, who charges us wayyyyyyy to much) how else would i watch all of my crappy TV shows?  usually during the 8-10 pm hours of the evening, i am busy playing/bathing/swaddling/feeding (the list could go on) and miss all my shows.  thankfully, the husband procured a dvr for me just before matthew arrived.  thankfully, i can catch up on shows like hoarders and real housewives.  phew!

4.  coffee.  seriously, i would not make it through the day.  and for that matter, thanks to the husband who brews the coffee before i get up in the morning.  oh coffee (and husband), how i love thee.

5.  the internet.  the only way i would be able to get all of my items (books, baking stuff) without leaving my house in the bitter cold and three feet of snow.......so thank you, al gore, for creating the internet!!

so, there you have it.  my up to the minute things i need to get through everything.  what do you need to make it  through the day?!

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