Wednesday, March 17


some random things i've been thinking about recently....let's start with today.

today to celebrate st. patrick's day, i went to dinner at an asian bistro.  festive, i know.  either way, i wore green.  include my chucks.  that's right people, i have a pair of green chucks that i literally wear once a year. 

john travolta needs to stop. seriously, if i see another commercial for that movie "old dogs," i'm going to punch someone at my cable provider in the ear.  wasn't wild hogs enough of the "semi-old guy gettin' crazy?"  and also, robin williams needs to stop.  he seems super creepy in old dogs.  but then again, i've been freaked out by him since one hour photo came out.

i carry more toys around now than an assortment of gum, lip gloss and loose change.  i'm surprisingly fine with this.

i watched "she's all that" today.  i have both a newfound love and hatred of freddie prinze, jr.  good lord, he really was the king of high school cheesy movies.  so delightful and awful at the same time.

our vet SERIOUSLY overcharges.  yes, i understand it was an emergency.  but seriously, NO ONE was in the waiting room.  did they really need to charge me an additional 75 bucks for the emergency visit, when i was the only person (and dog...and baby) there???

i can't wait for date night this weekend.  i seriously considered just asking my MIL to watch matthew while the husband and i take a nap.  but then i thought better of it.....we should go out to dinner, and maybe i'll be able to eat a hot meal! 

house was weird this week.  in tv related new, i wish burn notice was still on.....but the episodes don't come back on until summer.  boo.

that's it....for now.  many thoughts crowding my mind. hopefully, writing them here has emptied it out a little, and made room for more spazzy thoughts.  

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