Tuesday, March 23

top five tuesday: food from childhood

now that i'm an adult, no one else is responsible for the food that i consume......but it was a different story when i was younger, and my parents paid for the groceries.  this is a top five list of the childhood foods that i loved...but weren't prepared by my mother....b/c that is an entirely different list.  i was in the grocery store yesterday, and i passed all the "crappy" food, i realized how much i still yearn for some of the foods i enjoyed immensely as a child.  i'm sure you have your own list of childhood foods, and maybe some of mine are on yours......who knows, maybe we can even share a pack of big league chew?

1.  lunchables.  my all time favorite childhood food.  i went to catholic elementary school, so i had to pack EVERY SINGLE day.  and it was awful....as i am not a fan of pjb&j.  it was so exciting to get these to take to lunch--my favorite was the ham and cheese.  typically, i only got this lunch treat on field trip days.  if i had to eat one of these now, i would probably yack, because there aren't any more good kinds left.  i saw a chicken nugget lunchable.  what the heck?  there aren't any microwaves for students to use!  ew.

2.  nerds.  maybe not "food," but i'm still counting it.  i especially loved the double dipped ones:  strawberry banana.  yum.  we weren't really allowed to have these at my house after my younger sister spilled an entire box, didn't clean it up properly and an army of ants invaded.

3.  anything by tastykake.  growing up, i lived only like 10 minutes from the tastykake plant...which always smelled delicious.  personal faves?  kandykakes, nutty buddys and junior chocolate cakes.  yum!!!

4.  swiss miss pudding.  this one grosses me out, because as an adult, i only buy the pudding in the refrigerated area.  i was thinking about why can be in one area (jello....refrigerated........swiss miss...regular old aisle) and one in another, and it grossed me to out to remember that i used to eat the pudding that wasn't refrigerated.  ew.

5.  sunny d.  i know, i know, this isn't a food, it is a juice.....but i'm counting it as well.  i loved, loved, LOVED this stuff growing up.  i swear, my parents couldn't keep it in the house.  it was so delicious.  i would even mix it with gatorade mix to flavor it.  kinda gross to think about now, but i loved it back then!

there you have it....my top five foods (and drinks) from childhood. now if you don't mind, i'm going to grab a capri sun and watch salute your shorts.

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  1. I remember loving dunk-a-roos when I was younger. Kind of like a Handisnack, but with cookies and frosting instead