Wednesday, March 24

the stress factor

we all have stress in our lives, but in differing amounts.  even positive events can cause stress....the holidays, weddings, babies?????  um, yes and yes.  i knew it would be tough when matthew arrived, and so far, life hasn't been THAT much different than i thought it was going to be.  i can handle the mom thing (one day at a time, mind you), but when there are too many stressors in a given timeframe, i start to get a little frazzled.  (read:  mini meltdown).

last monday, my perfectly wonderful, beautiful, peppy, annoying dog, zoey, had to be rushed to the vet.  when i got home from some outings with matthew, i came home to her shaking uncontrollably.  when i picked her up to comfort her, she started yelping over and over.  cue a tearful phone call to the husband, who was at work 45 minutes away.  also cue emergency vet appointment.

so, at this do i get my very sick pup in the car, along with all the baby stuff....oh yeah....and the baby!  ugh.  luckily the vet is only a few minutes away, but i was freaking out (on the inside, people.....i never let people see me sweat.  unless you were at the outback with me the night before. then you saw crumble....but that's is another story).

so, mucho dinero, blood test, xrays and hours later, i found out that zoey has canine disc disease, which is not uncommon for doxies.  even though i'm not typically this type of person, i found myself being the person who thinks it can never happen to their dog.  she is currently on pain meds as well as muscle relaxers.  needless to say, she is is a druggie-doggie haze for most of the day.....she only weighs 14 pounds, people!

what i did i learn from all this?  ( a teacher i believe ever trial and tribulation can teach us something).....i learned that i can do it....even when stress is at it's maximum, i can handle the situation.  you can either freak out or rise to the occasion.  so, i swallowed my fears, choked back the tears and took  half of my family to the vet.  now, i was not thinking:  rise to the occasion that day....this is all in hindsight, of course.  but in hindsight, i realize that i'm stronger than i really think.  even if i did have a mini-meltdown on monday night in the comfort of my own home.  so, i say......rise to the occasion people, only if it is for freaking out which type of easter themed item you are taking to your in-laws this easter season.

**all i have to say is thank god for the husband, cause he is always ah-ma-zing in stressful situations.

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  1. Oh wow... kudos to you for doing all that single-handedly!

    The thing is when an emergency comes up I become almost silent and my brain goes into overdrive.

    I hope everything goes good though... And about your comment my blog is my personal soapbox hahah! Feel free to come and rant. lol!