Monday, April 5

off the grid

no, i haven't fallen off of the face of the earth, my internet connection did.  and although i have a droid, which has an amazing browser, i couldn't bring myself to type entire entries on the small keypad.....because well, as my husband would say, my entries are usually "wordy."

i wasn't able to post about my awesomely delicious irish-themed dinner party, complete with car bomb cupcakes.

i wasn't able to post ad nauseam about my baby's first tooth (which is just too awesome for words, btw).

 i wasn't able to post about how i love LOST, and that the episode two weeks ago was amazing....but the sun/jin episode was awful.

i wasn't able to write about how the weather is deliciously wonderful and how my baby boy loves springtime.

i wasn't able to exude my happiness over the fact that my husband is coaching an athlete that has the potential to make it to states.

i got a new hair cut (same hair cut, different color), but wasn't able to post pictures of the new do.

i couldn't chronicle all of the weddings, bachelorettes and bridal showers i am attending this "wedding season."

so you see, having the internet be down for a few days really put a damper on my ability to describe in way too much detail the minutia of my life.  and what awesomely, great, wonderful minutia it is.

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