Tuesday, March 9

top five tuesday: songs that i've heard 9 million times, but still love

for today's top five tuesday, i've decided to include songs that i have heard sooooooooo many times, but still love them.  don't worry, i've included a link for each one, so you can listen the awesomeness yourself!

1.   semi-charmed life by third eye blind.  this was one of my favorites when it came out in the 90s...still  one of my favorites over a decade later.  bought the cd, now it's on the ipod.  love, love, love it.

2.  maggie may by rod stewart. i know, kinda corny.  but still one of my faves. i love the line "it's late september, and i really should be baaaaaaaack at school...."

3.  all for you by sister hazel. anytime this is on the radio (which is only on my XM 90s channel) i will listen to this.  if i were on a desert island, and only had a few songs to listen to, this would be on the list.  reminds me of soooooo many different good times with good friends.

4.  you get what you give by new radicals.  highly underrated band of the 90s.  i love the ending segment of lyrics...."fashion shows with beck and hanson, courtney love and marilyn manson."  who knows what the lyrics mean, but i love them anyway!

5.  just a friend by biz markie.  this song will never get old for me.  my favorite is when i hear it in the car...that way i'm able to blast it with my windows down, acting like the awesome gansta i really am.  just kidding.  good visual though?!

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