Monday, March 8

i'm 29 and scared of....

1.  the dark.  yes, i still tuck myself into the covers when i hear something "out there."  even though i know in my logical mind that the covers cannot protect me, i can't help but put my feet, arms, etc back under the covers where they're safe!!!!

2.  unsolved mysteries and the host robert stack.  why was the second "segment" always about ghosts. scary. just the theme song sends me gives me the creeps.

3.  water i can't see the bottom of.  i have a hard time in the atlantic ocean....which is especially difficult since we go to the beach there twice a year!!!  

4.  plane crashes (while i'm on the plane!).  i've always been nervous on planes, especially long flights.  now that i've seen lost, the next time i fly i will wear sneakers and have many essentials:  flashlight, gun, radio, canteen, etc.

5.  coy fish that are in every water feature i've ever seen (except my own water feature in my own yard) what the heck?  why are they so gross and huge?  their beady little eyes looking back at me, begging for food.  yick.

there are many, many others, but i figure i could save those for another day....enough neuroses for one post.

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