Tuesday, February 23

top five tuesday: shows i miss

well, even thought i haven't kept up with my blog, i have kept up with my television watching. and what i realized is that i miss all of the shows i used to watch. so much of television is total crap today--it makes me yearn for the awesome shows i used to enjoy (even if they were crap too!)

1. friends. best. show. EVER. well, sit-com at least. i always watch this show when it is on re-runs, which is to say a lot of the days of the week, either on tbs or tnt. either way, i miss that there aren't any new episodes on. what a great show. chandler is my favorite character!!!

2. sex and the city. i loved this show so much because i watched it with my college roommates. although the "sex and the city" lifestyle is a far cry from my own, i enjoyed the fashion and hearing crazy stories about trouble with men. this show may be cliche, but every girl can find a piece of herself in each of the characters.

3. felicity. this show was on when i was in college. it started when i was a freshman and followed all the way through. i love keri russell and her decision between ben and noel. although it also is cliche, i think it was sort of brave to follow a crush to college. i just miss scott speedman and scott foley. yum.

4. all shows on tgif. i miss step-by-step and family matters. boy meets world....it doesn't get much better than those wholesome shows that actually teach a lesson/moral. they may be cheesy, but i would rather watch those shows than some of the garbage that is on tv today.

5. the old real worlds. the real world that is on now (and for a lot of the past seasons) is awful. i'm so sick of the plotline: get drunk, get in fights, don't show up for work. i'm over it. the first few seasons of the real world were great....my favorite season was either hawaii or seattle. ohhhhhhh...i just loved it when stephen slapped irene. oh wait....that is the same sort of thing that is happeneing now too, isn't it? sigh.

well, i just wish tv was liked it used to be. now i sound sort of old. i'm not going to make a comment about "kids these days" but.....tv today just isn't the same. now excuse me, i need to go hulu it up, and recapture my youth!


  1. Other than FRIENDS I have never watched any other shows that you have listed.

    But I and my sis still do the Chandler Bing dance when we are happy! Of all the people I ♥ Joey and Chandler and in girls I like Monica... she reminds me a bit of myself :-)

  2. I miss Friends and Boy Meets World too! And Saved by the Bell LOL