Wednesday, February 24

shutterfly, oh how i love thee

dear shutterfly:

i have just discovered you, and you are truly awesome. let me count the ways. first, you are easy to use. i could probably tell my dad (who prefers more retro things like....basically anything NOT computer) about your site and he could figure it out. second, i was able to upload in my pics in like 3 seconds. ok, maybe not that fast, but it didn't take forever. third, you printed out my photo book and sent it to me in just a few short days. shutterfly, you're so good to me, you even gave me 50 free prints. fourth, i loved, loved, LOVED the end photobook looks perfect. you captured my 2007 memories so perfectly. thank you, shutterfly, thank you. i'm sure at some point you'll do me wrong, but until then, i'll keep coming back for more.

these are two of my favorite pages from my 2007 digital scrapbook. they are pages from my california trip

i'm currently working on some other digital scrapbooking, one for a cruise the husband and i went on in 2007, a baby book for matthew, along with others. i used a product called my memories suites, which is pretty inexpensive. i didn't buy photoshop to use just yet because i wasn't sure if i was going to like digital scrapbooking or not (i do, i do).....but there are some perks to digitial scrapbooking. the main one....NO MESS. everything is kept right on the computer (hence the digital) and i can do it while being with my family....i don't have to go off in another room and be by myself (although that is a perk of paper scrapbooking!!)

while i miss the actual feel of paper scrapbooking, i don't miss the time. i was able to create my 2007 scrapbook in just a few short days, instead of weeks and months. i think i'm going to continue with least for now, because i have SO many supplies for paper scrapbooking. but, if you are a digital scrapbooker, i'd love it if you shared with me your books, techniques and ideas. i'll be posting mine here from time to time, and i'll also be posting all sorts of goodies that i have been finding hiding in little corners of the internet that i didn't know existed!


  1. Hey that's me! The pages look great. Are you sending your pages to Shutterfly and they are printing them out into a photobook which is essential like a scrapbook? What a great idea! I may have to pick up digital scrapbooking as well.

  2. I can't quite give up on paper scrapbooking. But saying that I haven't actually created a page in several months. I do like the idea of creating digital photos books, and then eventually when I have the time creating paper scrapbooks of the same event.

  3. shoshanah....i agree with you. it would be neat to have both digital and paper of the same event....two different perspectives, and ways to be creative!!!!