Thursday, February 25

two things: grocery stores and michael buble

ok, first let me say that i'm probably going to ramble and go off in five directions in this post. but in my head they really are related. grocery stores and michael buble. let me start with michael buble.

can i just say that i love michael buble's new(ish) song "haven't met you yet." love, love it. he's so cute, and i just cannot get enough of that song (thank god vh1 plays it constantly on jumpstart in the mornings). but, i don't get the video. he's in a grocery store and about a million crazy things happen in there. case in point: falls in love with hot girl, marching band starts playing, he can jump high enough to sit on TOP of the shelving.............??? i don't understand how the song (about meeting someone and making it work) has to do with any sort of crazy adventure one might have in a grocery store.

this brings up another point: what is with music videos that have NOTHING to do with the song. this is similar to EVERY perfume ad that has been on since before christmas. ENOUGH dior. we get it......or actually, we don't. stores (see how it is related b/c of the michael buble thing)????? i hate them. truly. going to the grocery store is quite is especially difficult now because we have to bring matthew along. BUT i do wish grocery shopping was more like the michael buble video. if grocery shopping was an adventure like that, i would surely go more often. the only time grocery shopping is an adventure is when i go with my friends ashley and walt. that is fun. when we go together, it's like my life becomes a musical (with matching dance numbers and everything). unfortunately, i typically go sans ashley and walt, therefore my grocery shopping trip is crap.....i hate dealing with everyone who keeps their stupid carts parked in the MIDDLE of the aisle, kids who are walking so SLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOWLY and cashiers who are like 900 years old. ugh.

where is the marching band in my giant? although, if there was a marching band at my giant.....i'd probably just get annoyed!!! :-)

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