Monday, February 22

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

ok, so i haven't posted in almost a year. that's pretty terrible....and i was doing so well with my regular postings. this is not to say that i have not been busy. the rest of my 2009 that you did not hear about brought two major accomplishments. in august i completed my master's degree program and graduated from PSU. whoot! then, the big, big, BIG news....i had my first child, matthew on 12/4. so, in the past few months i've been busy learning how to be a mom AND still remain true to myself, which is not an easy task.
i am finding it difficult to not talk excessively about my child. and as a person who has been childless for a lot of years, i know how "those" moms are....annoying. i don't want to be the person that only talks about her kid. i want, nay....NEED to find a balance in between. however, my friend jesse sobered me up quickly....i told him that i was still going to be"cool" after i had a baby. and he told me straight-faced: "christin, your mom was once cool too." uh-oh....this is going to be tricky!!!!! i guess cool will now be a relative term!!!

in other pursuits, i'm currently updating my resume. this is only my 6th year of work, and when i went to find my resume, it was on a floppy disk. was like i was time traveling to retrieve the data. i felt instantly old, and couldn't believe that i used something so archaic. oh well, at least it made me laugh.

i'm still baking, trying new recipes and decorating cupcakes. so, occasionally i'll post all things yummy on here. i'm not sure what this blog holds in store for me....but i know one thing...i want to devote myself to writing again. i need to have something to document the everyday moments that i tend to forget about.



    Its never too late to start blogging!

    Matthew is ADORABLE! I bet you would be a cool mom :-)

    Welcome back and I am looking forward to seeing all your posts...

  2. Welcome Back! And congrats on your son! It looks like you've been in my google reader this whole. I guess its a good thing I never get around to updating it

  3. yay! i never update mine either....i probably should at some point!!!