Sunday, March 1

back in the saddle again!

so, after talking to ashley....i've decided that i have had enough of a hiatus and should add to my blog. much has happened since my last post.....the start of school, thanksgiving and christmas, julia's first birthday. my newest obsession is talking about own, that hopefully mark and i will have in the future.

i am reading the books, checking out websites....writing emails about the best hospitals in lancaster....we are in the research part of "the plan." i am in love with the plan....i just wish that the "workin' it" part of the plan started sooner. :-) but i just feel we are on the verge of something great!

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  1. Anonymous9:24 PM

    I love that you call it "the plan." When the plan finally gets put into place and the baby is here, I am going to refer to him/her as "the objective". As Jesse says, you'll give birth on an aircraft carrier with a big banner that says "mission accomplished."
    Can't wait to meet "the objective."