Monday, March 2

things to think about

so, i don't really read the newspaper, nor do i watch the news....too depressing. but, when something crazy happens, i usually find out about it, either by friends, or my students. the world is a pretty crazy place, and i by no means life a crazy life....i just like to sit back and watch it all happen! :-)

case in point: chimp attacks lady and eats her face off. WHOA. when i heard about that, it really made me reconsider having a chimp as pet. seriously, can you imagine that? i can...but that didnt' stop me from trying to find pictures of it on the internet. however, i found nil. disappointing!

second case in point: how did the snuggie get to be such a huge cult phenomenon. it's crazy...the commercial is awful, but i desperately want a snuggie, if for nothing else to embarrass my husband at sporting events. one of my students said that it basically is a robe on backwards, but i disagree. it looks completely ridiculous, but i think it would get the job done!!!

third (and final) case in point: rhianna and chris brown are back together. WTF??? they got in a huge fight, including biting each other, and they are getting back together. now, i'm married, but is the dating pond that bad, that they have to stay together, even coming off of a fight where they took a BITE out of each other???? yikes.

see what i mean....crazy!

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