Sunday, August 3

finally finished!

so i finally finished my stupid grad class--i got an a-...which means my gpa will no longer be a perfect four-point-oh. dammit...i mean, i feel like i have worked really hard to get my four-oh. sad face. although i am VERY happy that my class is over and that i can relax for the rest of the summer now.

met with my team...we discussed all sorts of stuff including rules, discipline, etc. it was very productive and i am so excited about starting the school is shaping up to be a great year. i can't believe that this will be year five for me. kind of crazy, really. other news, mark and i are at the beach with the crew....walt, ash and jesse. the weather should be pretty nice the entire time we are down here, so it will be nice to try to get a little bit more of a tan before i start back to school.

stacey graduates on wednesday, i can't freakin' believe it....i hope she is happy, that's all i really care about.

mark and i have been enjoying ourselves lately...seeing a lot of the maderewiczs, which is nice....nice to hang out with other married people, since most of our close friends are not married/single...

fun times for a few more weeks at least! :-)

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