Wednesday, July 16


i finally have some downtime, so i figured i'd stop being lazy and actually write something on here!! the past week has been fairly crazy...starting with the typing of my huge annotated bibliography that was ridiciously long! granted, it was my fault that i did not start it until the night before it was due....but whatever, we all know i'm lazy! :-)

so, from there, i was up for over 24 hours (not because i had to was that i was like a coffee-addled crack fiend) because i had no less than two pots of coffee in the after staying up watching two movies and some nick at nite, i finally decided to troll craigslist and other websites for hours....until mark woke up and we could "start" our day!

we had breakfast at the diner at 7:30 or so and then proceeded from there! lynn and i went to the billy joel concert, which was freakin' a-mazing! then we sat in an hour of traffic (litterally had to turn the car off!) and then finally was able to sleep

the next day we went to meredith's wedding...she looked SO pretty! and the reception was nice as well...then came xmas in july!!

sunday through today have been relatively quiet with the exception of sending in the wrong annotated bibliography and then deleting the one that i needed to send her....and only after four 'data recovery' programs was i able to get it back and send it in "with points taken off of course"

so, as you can see, i have a lot to complain about...and a lot to be happy about.

oh, and btw, totally rockin' it on rockband....we got some new songs....i love me some oasis and weezer! yum!


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