Monday, July 7


i haven't written since i basically started this own fault, i suppose. i have been enjoying the summer, with the exception of my grad class, but that is to be expected, b/c i'm pretty lazy! :-)

i have been keeping busy with bothering my husband, playing with the dogs, water the plants and reading, reading, reading. oh yeah, and i cleaned some stuff too!

our floors are finally finished (yay!) and the new roomba is am-freakin'-mazing!!! i love, love, love it...basically, b/c i don't have to vacuum does it for me!

the weight loss thing has been going....after many weeks of nothing lost, nothing gained, i finally took a few weeks off for 'vacation' while i was at the beach, and i took the week off before the beach to prepare for the eating....meanwhile gaining like 5 pounds...yikes.

so after returning from the beach i got myself back into gear....and am down 42.8 pounds (not this week along, mind you) ha/ha

this week was alright...i went to 3 bbqs....overate at only one of them...i didn't really watch my points on day (i didn't realize a pasta dish i had at TGIFridays was a whopping 25 points...and oh yeah, i also had BK that day too! whoooo) so, needless to say i had to watch my eating carefully....

did 'cardio step' was awesome, and it totally kicked my ass...very, very sweaty!

wow, i wrote tons....enough for now...perhaps will post pics of the upcoming nuptials i will be attending (not my own, for obvious reasons!!)

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